"Men are what their mothers made them" --Ralph Waldo Emerson
All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel Mother.
Mothers are fonder than fathers of their children because they are more certain they are their own.
The loveliest materpiece of the heart of God is the love of a Mother.
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Max will be 2 years old in about two more months. As I already planning to breastfeed him at least for two years, now I decided to start to wean him from breastfeeding.

As usual, I began to do some searching. From friends, magazines, and Mr. Google. I realize that most of the source I got keep saying that it's gonna be damn hard to wean a toddler from breastfeeding rather than since he was still a baby. And more over, Max is always sleep with me every night. So with all my strong will, I prepared myself for the hardest. Crying whole night for few days (or even weeks? I don't know). But in any case, I never go on without any weapons.

So I actually started this process even a month before. I gradually lessen down the nursing time, specially during day time, on and on, until I can feel that both of us are ready for the next big step of our relationship.


Day 1

this is when the actual battle started . And apparently it wasn't really that bad. Maybe because I do some of my preparations which is :

1. Get him full stomach the whole day during the day and most importantly dinner time.

2. Get him feel really sleepy and tired before ask him to get into the bed. Usually, after his dinner time, he'll get a warm bath and right after that, we will snuggling around in our bed, breastfeeding while I'm reading him a story book, until he get asleep (sometimes I get asleep too). But last night, I took him to his study corner to draw and do some origami together. Then when I feel like his already almost really sleepy, I dragged him into bed with few story books on my hands. I fully dressed with bra and no-button-shirt, to make it harder to breastfeed.

3. I choose a few new story book for him to get his full attention and make him feel unexpected.

So there we were. Lying on the bed, me reading a story book, and he listening. After he felt really really sleepy, he started to ask for nursing, but I told him quietly and gently that he's now a big boy, and big boy don't nurse anymore. Nursing is only for babies. He cried a little, then I tried to distract him to the story book. He listened to my story, but after few minutes, he noticed again that he wanted to nurse. I repeated the same sentence again and again. Ask him to just close his eyes just like when he's taking his daytime nap without nursing. I also told him that I will still love him anyway, even if he stops nursing. Then he started to cry and cry. And I told myself that I gotta be strong, stronger than him.

If you're in my position right now, you will understand that I also feel really hard on this process. Because nursing is the only thing that I can give to him that no one else could give him. And now, it gotta be stopped. I do feel really sad.

After about 2 hours, he finally get asleep. Not much tears, just a bit of whimpering. He tried to open my clothes to reach for my breast, but I keep telling him the same thing over and over again. I'm not sure if he finally got what I meant or he just really tired and sleepy until he finally felt asleep. And I think it wasn't really so bad. Not as hard as I imagined.

And now, I'm suffering from engorgement. It's really damn hard, heavy, and painful. So I'm literally pain mentally and physically. But all this is for the best of him anyway, so I'll try to bear with it.   


Day 2

It's the whole steps all over again like the Day 1. All the preparations are still the same, all the process are the same. But surprisingly, Max is really really calm and such a sweet boy! He didn't even cry at all. Still asked for nursing, then I repeated the same sentences over and over again, then he was a bit nagging and whimpering but other than that nothing really scary at all.

I'm really proud of him so much! It only took about an hour until he felt asleep with his head on my belly, hugging me. I was so happy.

My engorgement is getting really painful and harden. I kept telling myself to be strong, that all this is for the best of him.  


Day 3

This night he's more quite than the night before.

He said to me : "Mommy, Bebo big boy". I was surprised and amazed at the same time. He is definitely ready for this big step. I'm glad that I've chosen the right time with the right way.

He's really my superboy. He wasn't ask for nursing. Not even tried to unbutton my shirt. He just act really cool while listening to me reading for him. Then I told him : "Bebo is mommy's great great big boy" then he gave me a huuuuuge smile.

I was sooooo happy!  


Week 2

Now we jump faster to the next following week. Because nothing much to tell these past 2 weeks.

Everything run smoothly. No drama, no excessive crying, and the best part is, no waking up in the middle of the night, asking for nursing! Max was sleeping like a baby for the whole night without waking up!

I looooooooong for this decent night sleep since he was born. And these past weeks has been really great night sleep. He will fall asleep at 8-9pm, then always wake up at around 6-7am.

This night I was teasing him over by offered him to nurse, but he refuse and said : "Bebo big boy" with a smile. I'm in heaven!

So, I came across the important thing when you're thinking to start to wean your kid from breastfeeding:

The right time. You know your kid better, you should be able to read his signal easily. The signal that tells that he's as ready as you. Both must be equally ready, mentally and physically. Then everything will be very easy. I don't like the way we put things (like sour/bitter things) onto our nipples to scare him off, it's really unnatural. I like everything to be as simple as nature. Breastfeeding is a very one of a kind relationship. Nothing in this world can be as sweet as breastfeeding. So I'd like it to be ended as sweet as it was started. Spontaneous, simple, natural and sweet.


So are you and your kid ready to wean from breastfeeding?



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