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All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel Mother.
Mothers are fonder than fathers of their children because they are more certain they are their own.
The loveliest materpiece of the heart of God is the love of a Mother.
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This is probably one of the hardest challenge among many moms. And you'll be surprise on how your kids will react to this thing.

I've been starting potty train for B since his first birthday. Some of my mommy-friends are even started since the kids are still little baby. But I do believe that potty train is something that you should teach your kid when they are ready, so we took our time.

I decided to begin as early as his first birthday just as an introduction, not for a full train. I didn't expect him to understand so fast either.

So my first consideration at that time was : Is He Ready?

I've read a lot about potty train. Most of them explain that we can tell if he's ready when:

1. He can walk properly (checked!)

2. He have a good timing/schedule for meals (checked!)

3. We can predict when he will need to pee or to pass motions (checked!)

4. They can tell the urge (checked!). For this point I do feel that every kids sure know how's the urge feels like, they just don't know what to do about it other than just pass it through. What they need is a little bit of practice.

So I started by get him used to wear shorts without diapers.  I started during the day at home, because I'm not ready with the mess that could happened if I started during the night time or when we're going out. And I started with bringing him to the toilet (with the kid's toilet seat of course) every 2 hours, get him sit on the toilet bowl and wait until he does his business.

First few months, I have to bear the troublesome of cleaning&wiping the floor whenever I missed his urge because most of the time, he never do his business when he was seated at the toilet seat no matter how long I made him sit at the toilet seat, in contrary, he always did his business when he was not seating at the toilet, or worst just few minutes after I let him off of the toilet seat. It's a heart pain but it's alright because this first few months is for me to record down his timing for his trips to the toilet. Because he wasn't get the point of doing his business at the toilet yet. So I was never give up and kept on trying while explained to him that he's a big boy and big boy is peepees and poopoo at the toilet, on and on I mentioned. At this moment, I only need him to get the point that people are peepees and poopoo at the toilet.

The following months is the most critical moment, where I shouldn't be late just for a tiny little seconds to bring him to the toilet. At this moment, he already began to understand that toilet bowl are invented for people to peepees and poopoo, so he then started to do his business whenever I sit him down at the toilet seat. But, if I missed just few minutes of the very precious moments of urges, he's still gonna wet his pants. It's still a hard work but it's alright, at least he's a step forward, small progress is a part of huge step.

I was never give up and keep on trying.  And this moment  it was more deep and intense to. It was the moment when I have to teach him what's the urge, how does it feel, and what to do if the urge's coming.

At this moment, I also give him rewards if he do a great job on his business, and give him a so called punishments if he's not doing it the right way. Simple and easy rewards (like a sticker to paste on his wall, or a sweets-not too often, or a few minutes of thomas movies) or punishments (like no chocolate for the afternoon snack or no peppa pig movies for the whole day) will help him understand easier the difference between the right and the wrong way of doing things.

So the next few months, he finally knew the urge, how does it feel and what to do when the urge is coming. The way I trained him is for him start telling me or  daddy or our helper, then hold it for a while until we manage to bring him to the toilet. And that is exactly what he's doing now. Even when we're outside the house and when he's wearing diapers. This is only for during the day time. Night time still needs the miracle of diapers. But it's alright, to me it's his huge milestones, that he can tell the urge.

Now my next assignment will be how to train him to sleep without diapers and keep dry until the whole night. And again we'll just take our time. Not too ambitious, and still have fun with it. But then miracle happened. My was 32 mos when this happened.

M has been living in pull up pants diapers for the rest of his live. It's easier for us to change them, and also (looks to me) more comfortable than the strap type. So one day my helper accidentally bought the wrong type of diapers, she bought the strap type instead. I thought, why not use it all up instead then, since it was the jumbo pack too, I don't feel like waste any of them. So that night, was the night when M had to wear the strap diapers. The whole evening was pretty uncomfortable for him, he kept strapping on and off so many times until the diapers was a mess. So I asked him if he would like to take it off, then he said "yes!". But then I told him that he got to wear his day underwear as we didn't have anymore pull up diapers, and that he had to wake me up in whenever he felt the urge and let me walked him to the toilet, and he said "yes! yes! yes!" followed by a huge smile. 

I was actually had prepared for the worst to happened, but apparently he did very well!! He woke me up and asked me to walk him off to the toilet to pee, twice! 

The next evening, I had the same scenario to follow and it still worked! So I did it all over again every evening for the following week, and viola!! We're finally officially graduating from M's potty training with an excellent mark!! 

Of course there'll be some night when M was too sleepy or tired to wake up, but that always hapenned on very early morning, so it was never disrupted our night sleep with the hassle of changing the bed sheet or moving to the other bedroom to escape from the flood (if you know what I mean). But that only happened about 2-3 times in a month by now. And we managed to take it as our joke too for fun.

It was an amazing accident that my helper did, in which helped a lot for this whole process. However, all of this wouldn't be a success if M and us wasn't really ready yet.

So are you ready to potty train your kid?