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Toddlers need more stimulation every seconds of every day. They will always find a reason to keep on busy and active, and that's one of signs that your toddler is healthy.

As a toddler can be, they are usually get bored really easily. That is why the needs toys to keep entertain themselves. But as a good parent, we have to be careful in choosing the right toys at the right time and age. This time we would like to recommend building blocks toys for kids. 

I began to introduce Max to blocks toy as early as when he was still 3 months old. I know it might sounds too early, but trust me, ever since he always get excited with blocks, even until now. It seems that blocks is the only thing that he never get bored of. Perhaps block give him more options on the creation. He can build anything.  

Here are some benefits from building blocks toy:

1. Blocks is a very good toys to stimulate your kid's motor skill (specially hand and fingers movements).

2. Increase imagination and creativity level.

3. It improves hand-eye coordination as they focus on what they're building.

4. It improves vocabulary, as we can introduce them to so many shapes and sizes.

5. Giving experiences in terms of math, geometry, balance, gravity and also time.

6. And as we accompany them playing, it will improves our relationship and communication with our kids too.


How to choose the suitable building blocks toys for kids?

There are a lot of building block in the market, They comes in various sizes, modular shapes, materials and colors. How to choose the one that is best suits to our kids?

1. Sizes is important. We all know there's no such things as "too early to learn" in children's world. It all just the matters of finding the right one on the right time. The younger the age, the bigger size of blocks we should give. Because too small items will be hazardous for kids, as they might chew or choke it on.

2. Modular shapes gives different experiences. There are types of modular shapes that based on just stack on. There are also types of modular shapes that interlocked to each others. Each of types also gives different difficulty level and of course it will then gives different improvements of motor skill and imagination.

3. Material of the building blocks is also quite vary. We can find them in fabrics(soft toys), paper board, wooden, rubber and plastic. It gives different level of sustain level. You might even wanna choose the one that is BPA free as well.

4. Colors is the greatest things that we can use to get kid's attention. So, get as colorful as we can give to our kids to give them more experiences and of course more fun!


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