"Men are what their mothers made them" --Ralph Waldo Emerson
All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel Mother.
Mothers are fonder than fathers of their children because they are more certain they are their own.
The loveliest materpiece of the heart of God is the love of a Mother.

I love to share my own experiences caring and loving M from inside my belly until he's growing up now and then. I'm a proud momma!!  Besides, this kind of things can never be studied on a book or on a classroom, it's by experiences. And it's always best to share our own experiences to others who need it.

Often the main concern of many expecting mommies is on how painful would it be to deliver a baby in

to the world. And the common question ever comes for me is whether I took epidural or not or whether I had normal or caesar delivery. And every time I always answered proudly "We had a normal delivery without epidural". 

Few decades ago, this answer might be a very common thing, for me myself was born from the generation where all mommies would had normal delivery without any anesthetic stuffs. Some of them even had it at home with doulas assisted instead at a hospital with doctors assisted. Compare to nowadays, when medical technologies are so advance, mommies started to introduced to epidural to diminish or even totally numb you from the pain, depends on the level of epidural. Now you can even take Caesar delivery to get your desired date of birth, sound ridiculous but they really do that without even think of the effect to you and your baby's health and safety.

Hospital delivery become the most safe and healthy way to deliver a baby. I agree in a way that it is more hygiene.

The only thing that I always believe is that the most natural way of living is still always be the best. And delivering a baby should be the most beautiful natural thing in life where our maternal instinct is naturally build in an instance in response to a huge process of delivering our baby into the world. The moment you started to feel the labor pain, it's the moment when you're willing to sacrifice your own life for the sake of your own born baby. It's also the moment when you'll try your best to keep your baby safe and healthy. It's when you go to the higher level of bonding with your baby.

You and your baby should be a solid team during the delivery time, so start to make a good relationship with your baby as early as possible. Relationship can't be build in an instance, it takes time and a lots of communications. Same thing with your baby. Please bear in mind that even a fetus already able to listen to voices surround them. And the most familiar voices will be your own voice, so keep talking, Moms! Maintain the relationship by talking, singing, eating and doing only good things.

The important thing is our mind. And I'm not only talking about the labor time, but also during your whole 9 months of expecting. Keep communicating with the baby that we are a good team together, we'll go through the normal delivery easily, we'll make it for the best. They'll understand. Keep talking as if the baby is already in your hands.

It required a solid team works. Both you and baby have to have the same aim and mentality. Of course another person that's equally important is Daddy. Daddy has to be as solid team as Mommy and Baby as early as possible too. As Daddy is the one who will stay beside Mommy during the delivery of the baby, Daddy also needs to read, learn and practice to become a great birth partner. Taking a maternity class together helps a lot. So Daddy also know what to expect and act necessarily.

Get more and more information about normal delivery. Read just a little about Caesar or Epidural, it's just for you to know in case of emergency (yes, Mommy and Daddy still need to know too). But focus on the information about normal delivery. It's always good to know that the more you read about normal delivery, the more you'll find the benefits of it for you and your baby. There's no harm to watch the videos of normal delivery too,. The purpose is not to scare you off, but to make you understand what'll be going on, so you'll know what to expect.

Don't care too much on what other people say, but it's always good to listen. Because every mom, every delivery is very unique, they are not the same. So you rule your own delivery. If they said that delivering a baby is damn painful, well they don't lie, it is painful. But remember, even every person has different resistance on pains. And you have to believe that labor and delivery pain is a kind of pain that you'll never felt on any injuries. It's totally different kind of pain. It's a pain that every woman surely able to bear. Imagine all ancient woman who don't have any medical assistant at all. If they can do it, then you also can do it.

It's hard for me to describe the pain. All I can say is that it's the most natural pain that I ever felt. It has rhythm, increasing from low pain to high pain, and the rhythm is good, because it helps you to give time for your body to adjust the resistance of pain, so you can cope with it. Just feel the pain, follow through it, don't fight it, just relax, enjoy, don't panic. And always remember, you're not alone. Your baby also going through the pain on their own form of pain. So the more you fight the pain, the more panic you are, the more pain that you'll get, and the longer labor you'll have, the more suffer the baby will be.

Relax and breath slowly. What I did was, following the labor pain with my breathing pattern. So whenever the pain started to increase, I took a very long deep breath, as the pain reached the higher intensity to went down, I slowly breath out. I guarantee you'll feel alright.

Normal delivery is also another way to learn how to be patience, to listen and to understand your baby. The baby knows best when will be the right time for them to come out into the world. Let your body listen and understand them. When it's time, then it will happened no matter what.

Many Moms, worried that their carrying late, so they started to look for scheduling a caesar delivery, and I know in some reasons, carrying the big belly started to be more stressful and worrisome because people (and sometimes even the doctors) keep on telling you that the baby weight is keep going up, thereby it will be harder for you to deliver normally. But what Moms didn't know is that, there's no doctors in the whole world able to define the exact pregnancy due date. Because nobody can tell when is the exact fertilization, it's one of nature' secrets. So the due date that doctor given is just an estimation. Doctors also can't tell the exact weight of the baby, it's all just estimation. B was on two weeks overdue from doctor's estimated, he weights 200gr lighter than what doctor's estimated, and he's perfectly healthy. So just listen to your baby, understand them and be patience. Again, communications with your baby is important.

Healthy Diets is also important of course. Asides from those things that I've described, Moms needs to maintain healthy diets at all time. There are many open source on how and what is healthy diet  for pregnant women.Exercise is also as important as other aspects. There are millions varieties of exercises for pregnant women, and we should choose the one that is suitable and applicable for us. I prefer yoga and deep breathing exercise. I also took maternity exercise held by the hospital. Again, choose the one that suits Moms best.

Be familiar with the place you're having the delivery. If it's a water birth, have a few trials. If it's the hospital, have a few visits (some hospital allow you do that). If it's at home, then it's the best! because you already familiar with the place very well. And do it all together with Daddy.


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