"Men are what their mothers made them" --Ralph Waldo Emerson
All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel Mother.
Mothers are fonder than fathers of their children because they are more certain they are their own.
The loveliest materpiece of the heart of God is the love of a Mother.

Medical Labor Induction:

1. Membrane sweep

This will be doctor's first suggested way of inducing your labour before any other medical labour induction methods. The purpose is to separate the membranes of the amniotic sac from your cervix, so that it releases prostaglandins hormone to trigger your labour. Your doctor may need to make sure that your cervix is already soften, otherwise it won't works.

I had mine sweeeped on my (estimated) 41 weeks. Because Dr. Aziz (my doctor) worried that the baby will be too big for normal delivery (M was estimated weight 3,4 kg at that time). He warned me to be prepared for an early labour to start in about 12-24 hours time. Meanwhile he suggested for me to keep on busy as ussual and get my ass moved more. So we (me, daddy and M) went for a walk to the nearest shopping centre. Dr. Aziz said some moms may need just a single sweep, while others may need few sweeps before the labour started. Mine didn't work at all.

Be prepared for the unpleasant pinch feeling when you get your sweep. This may be the good opportunity for practicing your breathing technics.


2. Prostaglandin

It was a week after I got my membrane sweep, and nothing happened. So we came back to Dr. Aziz for further attempt. We found out that my cervix had been softer than last week and M had been in the lowest position, in other words I'm so close to meet M. That was when he suggested for the prostaglandin method. It was a huge pill that contains of prostaglandin hormone to be inserted into my vagina. It supposed to trigger more contractions and fasten the cervix opening. It takes about 5-6 hours to get the result, some just don't get the result at all. Not sure if it was the prostaglandin or if it was really M's time, but in about 36 hours later I got my early labour started. It was 1 am when I got my bloody show. Daddy was the one who panic the most, therefore we quickly went to the hospital. But my cervix was only 1cm opened.


3. Artificially rupturing the membranes (ARM)

Many people advise that we better wait until we get the bigger labour to go to the hospital. As the unusual environtment may cause the prolonged labour. And I should have been listen to that advise. I've been 6 hours inside that super cold room and all I got was 3cm cervix opening. Even the contraction are still very bearable that I still could fall asleep.

Looking at the situation, Dr. Aziz proceed with the next step: rupturing the membrane. Haven't I mentioned that I had not even had my water breaks?

My water breaks moment really wasn't the moment that I've been imagined, when I at least get the excitement of having a spontaneously water breaks, instead of got mine poked by Dr. Aziz. I could feel the "popped" sensation followed by the warm sensation of the amniotic fluid right after Dr. Aziz poked my amniotic sac. Now I know why M was so comfortable inside there, it was warm.

When the water broke, we must hurry get the baby out as it will be more exposed to infections. And as we so-called had created a way out for the baby, we shall expect stonger contractions. I had my cervix 7cm opened about 2 hours later. This is the time when I finally felt the need to inhale etonox as the pain was getting stronger.


4. Syntocinon/intravenous(IV) oxytocin 

Around 1 pm my cervix still 8 cm opened. And the fact that I've been through a long labour, or at worst had etonox-high situation had given Dr. Aziz a thought of giving me a dose of syntocinon. It's oxytocin dosing by IV. Oxytocin is well known as the labour hormone. And had this get into my body, we expected to meet M in about 2-3 hours later.

It was a fast progress with more and more intens contractions. But the pain was still bearable, that I even confidently refused the use of epidural. Etonox, lamaze exercise, acupressure and daddy were good enough for me to hold on. That was the moment when i was very proud of daddy to be the person who kept calm and even helped me to keep calm as I was started to become out of control due to the pain that was getting stronger. But out of sudden, a signal was given. The signal that made me feel like I was the most wisest of myself for my entire life, as the result of mixed feelings. The feeling of sad but happy, worry but excited, fear but brave, giving up to accepting.

Quote: "Every mother's instinct will never false, it's pure and honest" - unknown

Those feelings was actually the result of my 10 cm dilated cervix followed by the huge urge-to-push feeling. And after few minutes of some pushes, and the vacuum assisted delivery Dr.Aziz conducted, M was born :)

Maxxi Zeyadee Alfaraki was born on 7 November 2010 at 4.30 PM, 3.180 kg, 51 cm length.



So I had all the induction methods above until finally gave birth. For some of you whose in doubt to get induced because of some worries, well you're actually not wrong at all. Induced labor however may give you some effects:

1. Much more labour pain

I've been worried about this too, but Dr. Aziz gave me the confident that I needed by saying "This is your first labour pain you'll ever experience. You don't have any others to compare with" which is actually right. Another good thing is, if it happens to be true (that induced labour is way more painful) then I was lucky to experienced the most painful one at my first time, so that the second (or more) I'll be well prepared. But honestly speaking, pain is really not the thing that worry me the most.

2. More stress for the baby

Overstimulated the sac may give more stress to the baby as induced labour is actually beyond baby's expectation too as it is for the moms. So just make sure that both of you (mom and baby) are in the good shape and mentality together, as a team work is totally required.

3. Cesarean delivery

Some moms react differently to the induction methods. Some works some doesn't. For those whose reacts negatively, may have C-section as a result of stagnant labour. So please consult with your doctor in details.

4. Placental abruption

This situation is happen when the placenta dettached from the uterus. Overstimulated the labour can make this to happen. And as the result, heavy bleeding may happen too.


Always make sure that you have every information you need before you proceed with induced labour as it may give serious impact for both you and the baby.





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