"Men are what their mothers made them" --Ralph Waldo Emerson
All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel Mother.
Mothers are fonder than fathers of their children because they are more certain they are their own.
The loveliest materpiece of the heart of God is the love of a Mother.

Happy belated 1st birtday B!!

At this time, some of us might think that time really flies, with all those marveleous milestones, it's even hard to remember how complicated it is to be a new mom. While some of us might think that it is quite a long and tiring journey, and yet it's still far journey ahead. It's ok, moms! Either way is also showing how great you are as a mom, knowing that it is not easy to really take care of other human being with your whole heart.

As a one year old baby, I've noticed that B is now more fun to play with, as many of his skills are developing very well. I sure am a proud mama!


Improved Motor Skills (leads to better hand-eye coordination)

B was surely mastering his hand-eye coordination  on his 1st birthday party. He was eagerly feed himself with his own birthday cake (the one that I've baked by myself with less sugar and no starch). Probably that was also his first sugary food that I've given him (please check here to know my reason why I prefer to wait for his 1st birthday for sugars).

Yes moms, at this age of their life, they're having this skill even better and better. Keep on providing them with toys that can help them to practice this skill. I'll go for building/nesting blocks and bead maze, B loves it so much!


Cognitive Language Skills

It's so adorable to watch B babling, but trust me moms, he's even more cute when he starts trying to say some real words, specially the words "mommy". Even  though it wasn't B's first word (he started to say "daddy" first) but I always know he did really tried hard to say "mommy". I can always see little smile on hus face whenever he succeed to say "mommy".

Oh how I also noticed that B also can stay for a longer conversation. When I said conversation means a responsive B. At this age baby tends to be able to respons very well to what we're saying. It might not be all in words though, some are all those cute gestures (shaking/nodding his head, waving his hands, pointing his fingers to some object). While his words are slowly evolved from plan "uh" or "oh" into more varies intonative. All this is due to his improved cognitive skills.

B had loads of vocabularies and really strongly understanding what are those things by pointing at them. He might be a corrector to sometimes. What I did and B loved too was to get him loads of flash cards and simple books with big and colorful pictures of objects, some short story books will do too. Daddy is always be the one who read a story books for B until now. 

But we must always remember to always give our baby a safe and child-proof environment at any time, as this age B loved to explore every single things around him. So all fragile decoration or serveware should be kept out of B's reach and possibly B's vision, as he will still try to grab and observe all new stuffs. I never leave him alone when we're at the supermarket, that would be everybody's nightmare. Sounds scary but it's good knowing that he added more cells into his brain. B loved to imitate other people too at this age. It's kinda cute the way he tried to put on his own socks like daddy. 


I managed to take some advantage from these skills:

To teach B to brush his teeth. While many dentist recommend at least twice a day, B loved to do it as many times as possible. Even until now he loves to brush his teeth.

To set a behaviour meter. Whenever B did good things, I would praise him with some levels such us "good", "very good", "great" and (his favorite one) "marvelous" followed by a huge smile or hand claps or sometimes a big hug. While I also would tell him off whenever he did bad things by saying "bad" or "not good" followed by my frowned face.

To help B understand about his emotion. This is indeed such a big world for a little B, that sometimes he would be over-stimulated without him or us even tried to stimulate himself with anything around him. I've noticed that he was more easily frustrated to a certain kind of situation, double this up at the moment he's sleepy or hungry. So I slowly teached him to get to know his feeling and how to manage with it.


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