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I've first proposed for this unique up-side-down planter for one of my client's restaurant few months ago, as it has very low maintenance and yet it looks new and unique. The idea has been shut down as the client seems to be not a big fans of plants (too bad, I know...).

Last week when I had a chance to walk down over the city hall towards Bras Basah area, I saw a restaurant in which they use this planter as their features. The designer has been giving a great effort to make it looks great, and I personally love it!

Why Mom Recommends this:
This planter was invented by Boskke to encourage people to put more greens for their space without sacrificing their space. Well we've seen people hanging planter before and then, what's so special about this one? What makes it different from other planter is that It hung up-side-down!

(image courtesy of Boskke)

I'm not to sure where we can get it in Singapore, because from what I've searched on their Boskke, they don't seems to have their representative distributor. But I believe we should be able to find it here. Price wise, it's about 30USD/planter. It's unexpectedly relatively cheap I guess. Will definitely get one (or some) for myself!