"Men are what their mothers made them" --Ralph Waldo Emerson
All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel Mother.
Mothers are fonder than fathers of their children because they are more certain they are their own.
The loveliest materpiece of the heart of God is the love of a Mother.
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End of year usually comes with so many newborn babies, perhaps because many couples choose to get married in the beginning or the year. So this month itself, we have 5 newborns to visit, cool! I always love seeing newborn babies, it reminds me of those early days of M when everything is so magical, not that now it’s less magical, but now that we have more serious things to think of for him that sometimes it makes less fun anymore. Things like discipline, routines and education. We still try to keep it fun though.

The first few things that new moms find it hard usually:

  1. Breastfeeding

  2. Sleeping

If you’ve read my post about my experience breastfeeding M at the first time, I must say I didn’t have the best breastfeeding experience moms ever had, it was one of my hard times. But listening those moms who has not so pleasant sleeping habit with their newborn, I must admit I’m actually one of the lucky ones!

0-3 months old

I think the first three months is the most critical time to start develop sleeping habit. We decided to  co-sleep M during the day and the night sleep. We don’t believe in let-it-cry method. Breastfeeding makes me strongly choose to do this even more, because breastfeeding was so much more practical and easier by doing so. I believe that newborn should be as close as possible with their mom anytime anywhere.

It wasn’t as easy with newborn in terms of sleeping habit. They’re having hard times to adjust with their new world, every moms know this. M had hard times too, his biological clock was totally the opposite of ours. What I did to get M used to our clock was:

Create a clearly distinguished ambience for M to differentiate between day time and night time.

  1. Day time
    We let it as bright, noisy and busy as possible in the day time to let M knows that day time is the time for us to be as active. We introduced day time sleeping time as nap time.  I even put M on the bright room on his nap. We have one particular lullaby for nap routine which will be different from night sleep time.

  2. Night time
    We let it as dimmed, quite, and calm as possible in the night time to let M knows that night time is the time for us to rest, be it just sitting while reading some books, or chatting with daddy and mommy, to then fall asleep. We do have special sleeping routine which we’re still doing until now (M’s 3 years old). The routines started right after we had our dinner (7pm), M will have his warm shower, we play and sing while he take a shower sometimes with mommy or daddy (or both :p ), then followed by massage time (with lotion and cajuput oil) which he’s still really enjoying very much until now. Then we’ll chat or reading some books, or play something light and not required much movements. Then dim the bedroom light, give mommy and daddy a sweet goodnight kiss, pray together, and sing some special lullaby for night sleep time, then dozed up together at around 8-9 pm. If I missed just one step, M will surely complaining.

We’ve consistently repeated this over and over again, until M get used to it when he reached 3 months old, when we all have the common biological clock. Oh my, I’m feeling so magical already just to write about this!

One thing I've noticed as the result of this routine trainning is that M is able to fall asleep anywhere anytime he feel sleep only on the his day time nap. While for his night time sleep, definitely has to be in the bedroom with calm and cozy environtment. 

at the high chair while waiting for me cooking
at the high chair while waiting for me cooking

at the sofa while watching TV

at the carrier while walking around


3 years old Max

Day time nap was gradually lesser ever since his first birthday. Now he only have 1 nap time (mostly for about 2 hours), which is the one after his lunch time. I feel that this is great even when he started to go to pre-school this coming January 2014, so that he doesn't need to adjust much.

Night time sleeping become more and more challenging as Max exploring the fun of playing time. Many activities happened before he can dozzed up for his night time sleep. He's also potty trained completely before his 3rd birthday, so we have additional bed time routine to follow: pee before or after sleep. And I also noticed that his sleeping hour is now pushed to around 9-10 pm. But other than that everything is remain the same. And yes, M is still sleeping with me ;p