"Men are what their mothers made them" --Ralph Waldo Emerson
All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel Mother.
Mothers are fonder than fathers of their children because they are more certain they are their own.
The loveliest materpiece of the heart of God is the love of a Mother.
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A mom is also just a normal human being, with all the changing moods that sometimes can happen in a snap of fingers. But as a mom, we’re also the main figure that our kid will look up anytime they need support or guidance, so we don’t really have the luxury of following our moods.

No matter how moody you are regardless of how terribly wrong your day is, you can always try these mood boosters that always work best for me:

  1. Take a minute (or more) to say your pray
    Say your prayers (following your own beliefs) louder enough for you to hear it.

  2. Throw the trash bag over the rubbish chute
    I’ve lived in multi-storey housing units for my whole life time in Singapore, and find that throwing the trash bag over the rubbish chute can make me feel better, as if my bad mood has been thrown away together with the whole trash bag.

  3. Take a minute (or more) to listen to the nature’s sound
    I feel lucky to always happen to stay at the building that surrounded by huge trees. No doubt that there’s always birds chirping around. Whenever I feel in bad shape, I always looked through my window and focus on the chirping birds. For some of you who’s not lucky enough to have chirping birds sounds, you can always get some mp3 with nature’s backsounds from
    itunes or spotify. Sometimes I locked myself in the shower room and listen to the rain showers. It helps too.

  4. Lie down for few minutes, then quickly stand up straight and stretch your whole body towards every directions. You’ll feel much better, feels like the negativity disperses out of your body as you stretch. Do up some yoga poses also helps.

  5. Inhale on the menthol scent or aromatherapy scent
    Take a deep deep deep inhale and slowly exhale. Let the scent flows all over your body. Do this until you can feel that the scent is somehow come from your body. I’ll always prepared myself with
    bodyshop body butter and some cream from lush for my moody day as they have the best natural scents that I love!

  6. Wine and dark chocolate
    They’re the best combination to consume for my mood booster so far! Wine makes you feel indulged, and chocolate turns on your serotonin&depomine (feel-good hormones).
    Hersey’s has been my favorite dark chocolate ever!

  7. Wash your face, put on make up, and smile
    Try the peachy blush on from
    MAC and lush. Looks good on the outside can make you feel good on the inside too. And smile is the main ingredients to look good :)

  8. Browse through the old photo albums
    I love to do this whenever I feel moody. Specially M’s baby albums, always works the best to make me feel so much better.

  9. Spring cleaning your house
    It may sound classic, but it really does the magic every time! I’ll start from doing my bedroom, cleaning my kitchen and living, then end it with laundry works. I’ll put lots of laundry softener until I can smell the nice scent from the softener throughout my whole house. The tidiness and cleanliness may only stand for few minutes as M will surely make a whole mess out all over again, but it’s good enough to at least set my mood back to normal again.