"Men are what their mothers made them" --Ralph Waldo Emerson
All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel Mother.
Mothers are fonder than fathers of their children because they are more certain they are their own.
The loveliest materpiece of the heart of God is the love of a Mother.

Getting to know more about sperm is as important as getting to know about pregnancy week by week. Many people don't really seems to care much about sperm because they are not as obviously seen as the pregnancy bumps. Perhaps because sperm is too unseen. In fact we should be paying more attention about sperm as it will be contributing on half of the genetic condition that our baby is carrying, and many cases when a couple is having difficulties to conceive, the problem comes from the male's sperm.

1. Sperm are as sensitive as a pregnant lady

If you wish to have healthy sperm, avoid any prolonged contact/consumption on any of the following:

  • wireless technology (anything that has electromagnetic waves: laptop, mobile phone)
  • overheated stuff (never put the underside of the laptop on your lap, hot tubs, too-tight-briefs etc)
  • alcohol
  • nicotin


2. Sperm health is a reflection of your healthy diets&lifestyle

These are the nutrient that sperm needs in order to gain more power:

  • DHA (try on Omega-3 essential fatty acid from salmon and cod liver oil, has been proven to improve proper formation of sperm)
  • Vitamin C (to protect sperm from DNA damage)
  • whole grain wheat, barley and oats (to have high sperm concentration and motility)
  • fresh fruits (to boost sperm's speed and agility)
  • more and more water (to flush all the bads)
  • Exercise in moderate, not least not over, just at the right portion.


3. Practice makes perfect!

Men must have regular ejaculation to improve sperm health . Try to get the sperm out of the gonands at least once a week. Sperm that has been staying longer are more exposed to reactive oxygen species, leukocytes or other toxic substances that can damage their morfology.


4. They have S(u)PERM(an) powers

  • Sperm can live as longest as 5 days swimming around female's fallopian tube to reach for the egg. Quite an achievement for a super-tiny-bity ones.
  • Sperm has its own shield in a form of a specialized cells within to protect them from being attacked by the female's immune system on their way to reach the egg (sperm are recognised by the female's organ as a foreign object). However this shield may have different strenght and stability. 70% of total sperm penetrated inside the fallopian tube  may be damaged and died on their way of finding the egg.
  • Sperm can dettach its tail once it meets the egg
  • Sperm can break through the female egg. An enzyme will be released from its head to dissolve the outer membrane of the egg so that the sperm able to dig in through the egg wall
  • Sperm will always be reproduced as long as a man's life.


5. It takes two to tango!

A great team work in parenting has been required as early as the baby-making process. However super power the sperm has, they still need the egg to assist them. Once the sperm reach the eeg, female's progesterone will give a signal to release energy boost for the sperm to penetrate the egg, and this signal will be well received by the sperm. It's indeed a good sample ideas of team work.

Aside from those points, sperm condition may also subjects to the geneticaly family history. Apple never fall far from its tree.



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