"Men are what their mothers made them" --Ralph Waldo Emerson
All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel Mother.
Mothers are fonder than fathers of their children because they are more certain they are their own.
The loveliest materpiece of the heart of God is the love of a Mother.
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As we all know, once we start that parenting mileage, we'll have some or many things changed eventually. These things are actually the real proof that we are now really miraculously transformed into a new creature called a "mother". 

1. My wardrobe has more black&white 

Not because I'm scared of stain, trust me, stains are just irresistable no matter how hard I've tried. But because black is good to camouflage stain! whites are my favorite among all, because all stain will be knocked down with my magic power bleach.

2. Spending hours just to look for my car key

There are many times when I literally looked for my keys and ended up to be late for my errands. Max had his own hiding space that nobody could ever tell where it is. It's like  the magic bunny hat that can make things dissapear inside it. It's weird that whenever I stop looked for it, it's just right in front of my eyes. M is totally a gifted magician.

3. Sitting down at the toy store floor and find it relaxing

When M started to enjoying "toys" he definately capable of spending hours at the toy store. He would go many round of the same racks, testing the same toys, for the same reason: curiousity. And the fact that we only allow him to redeem one toy at a time, he really had a dead-life situation most of our time at the toy store. And that was when I started to enjoy sitting down at the toy store floor waiting for him to come up with his decission. Same thing happened when we are at the book store too.

4. My youtube playlist full of cartoons/nursery rhymes

I used to have many playlist of top 40 songs, movie trailers, knitting, baking, cooking etc. I still have it now, but it all contains of thomas the tank engine, peppa pig, pingu, mickey mouse club house, nursery rhymes, origami tutorial and lighting mcqueen product review scattered all over it to the extent that I forced myself to create spotify account for my own pleasure. Same thing happened with my CD&DVD collection.

5. Many many white lies

Who doesn't do white lies, right? I did many white lies before M, and now I do many many white lies. I just can't help myself, specially those times when we are at the shopping centre passed by the candy store and M begging us to get some sweets, or when it's already bedtime but he kept asking for more books or songs or plays, and not to mention when we are at the toy store and he asked our opinion on the unnecessary expensive toys, lol. Every moms needs white lies!

6. Keep some bottles of wine in the fridge for the whiny day

I was never really a fans of wine before I'm a mom. Let's be real! Become a mom can be really frustrating sometimes, specially when you are at the "terrible twos" stage. They cry, scream, and whine a lot! And as a human mom being, we can get up-tense too sometimes. Those bottles of wine in my fridge serve me right for my constantly persistence self shielding from M's whines. It works wonderfully relaxing!

7. Lots of member cards

NTUC card and passion card is a must bring everywhere we go. Followed by Mothercare card, Kiddie Palace card, IKEA Family card and Spotlight card. Next will be Shell and Esso card, followed by Metro card, Isetan card and Fox card. Phew! Being a mom is also about family expenses managing. And when it comes to expenses, nothing can make a mom happier than to get more and more discounts/rebates. Imagine how many packs of diapers we need a year? or how fast we need to update M's wardrobe due to growth spurt? or how many cartons of juices and fresh milk we need to provide every week? Not to mention that daddy, mommy and our helper also have needs. And how can we trick these expenses? Become a member of a merchant, and they will give us discounts/rebates, if we are lucky we may get free stuffs too. Sweet!!

8. Wearing crocs

I find it comfortable, lightweight, flexible, easy maintenance and durable. And those reasons are good enough to explain why I prefer wearing crocs whenever we go out with M. Daddy also wearing crocs, just like M too. We are all crocs lovers!

9. Regularly buying 45 spf sunscreen lotion

Oh get ready for more adventurous experiences once your baby started to walk. M loves outdoor, he would scream for it. Beach, hill-hiking, swimming pool, outdoor playground, water playground and picnic. And living in a tropical land, the sun is not always friendly, so be more appreciative to your body and always prepare for sunblocks inside your bag! I guarantee you'll thank yourself later when you get old.

10. Sleep early at night just to wake up earlier in the morning

M has been developed good sleep habit since he was 3 months old (some moms would envy me for this). Every night at around 8 pm or 9 pm top most, as I put M to sleep, I'll be dozing myself to sleep too then following M to wake up as early as 6 am in the morning, every day. As a designer, I used to do my works at night, because that was the time when ideas are flooding out. But now I have to force squeeze my brain for some ideas during the day, and it was really hard to adjust.

11. I've developed selective ears and eyes and mouth and tummy

No more dirty words, can't bear to see disturbing and heartbreaking things, don't care of what other moms think about my life, and pretty much more apreciating my own body and make friends with healty diets (mostly are due to give M a good examples)

12. I always wish for bigger pantry for all those stocks

When you have baby/kid at home, you'll start to stock up things: toilet paper, toiletries, diapers, sauces, spices, snacks (lots of baby/kid snacks). Because you can't afford to be in the situation whereby you need something and you can't find it at home, then you have to go to the supermarket with your baby/kid just for a single piece of thing. It's totally a waste of time and effort for every mom. So whenever I have a chance to step into a hypermart, I'll buy everything in double (tripple or more for some specific items). My pantry space will never be enough.

13. I started taking pills

Pills, as in many many pills. It started as early as when I found out that I was pregnant. Iron supplement pill , folic acid pill, vitamins pill, skin rashes pill (for my case), vaginal discharge pill (as I had quite bad vaginal dischage during my pregnancy). Before the birth labour, I had to take huge pill inserted into my vagina for induced labour and rectum pills to flush my colon just before I gave birth to M. And it doesn't stop there! Even after birth, I still have to take post-natal supplement and fenugreek pills to enhance my breast milk. And now I had my routine dose of multi-vitamins pills, iron supplement pills, birth control pills, and aspirin pills too for sometimes.

14. I say "Mind your own kid!" many times

M is a super active kid. He can be a very handful kid sometimes (well, most of the time). He's also as super curious as a kid can be. And he's a very unstoppable kid too. I gave up my effort to try on sitting him down because he always got his ways to run away. Hopefully this will develop into to a useful skill for his carier someday. I also stoped being shame whenever he start his action in public. I just somehow feel that it's his nature as a kid, so just let him be, unless if he's in for things that obviously dangerous or ridiculously unacceptable. And perhaps that is my nature of parenting style too. And when it comes to parenting style, nobody has the rights to judge other's style, just mind your own kid instead.

15. Those "my things" now become "our things", sometimes even just "his things"

I can't recall how is this even started to happen, but it's epidemically happen for almost all of my things, in such a way that now, everytime I look to buy new things for myself, I keep thinking if it is safe for M. So yeah... now everything is his things.